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After many were demolished or 'modernised' beyond recognition in the post-war period, terrace houses were rediscovered in the 1980s, as people moved back to the inner city. Period features were tenderly replaced but many of the buildings remained as they had originally been: small, dark and impractical for family living in the 21st century. This book looks at some of the innovative methods employed by architects to transform these heritage beauties into practical family homes. Blending old and new to create a new form for contemporary living, while still respecting the past, is the challenge faced by architects and renovators. The many projects in this book have been collected from around the world and provide abundant ideas and words of advice for anyone faced with the daunting prospect of renovating an older home. Also available: 100 Great Extensions & Renovations ISBN 9781920744519 %35.00 Super Interior Renovation ISBN 9784766116304 %45.00 (Azur Corporation) Timeless Renovati

Język: Angielski Wydawnictwo: Images Publishing Dist A/C Rok wydania: 2007 Oprawa: twarda ISBN: 978-1864701715 Liczba stron: 224
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