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The Power of Contemporary Architecture

Autor: Peter Cook, Neil Spiller

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Since autumn 1996 the architectural debate in London has been noticeably accelerated by the sequence of lectures made possible by the generosity of Frank Lowe and the Lowe Group. It is the 96–99 Lowe Lecture diversity and vigour that marks them out from the usual series.
London is an ideal place to absorb and respond to the continual waves of invention, questioning and inspiration offered by the architect concerned. The Bartlett School is now a recognised centre for experiment and analysis which provides a lively background for The Lowe Lectures and this book attempts to capture the ′hothouse′ feel of the lectures themselves.
Internationally familiar names such as, Libeskind and Woods are quickly followed by the Russian Kirpichev, the Austrian Richter, or the New Yorker Stan Allen, and others who together suggest that there is currently a ferment of creativity in architecture and that, perhaps, the 21st Century can be a ′Golden Period′ for architecture.

Język: Angielski Wydawnictwo: John Wiley & Sons Rok wydania: 1999 Oprawa: miękka ISBN: 978-0471984191 Liczba stron: 128 Wymiary: 28.3 x 21.9 x 1 cm
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