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Sullivan's Banks

Autor: Von Heinz Emigholz

Dostępność: na zamówienie

During the twilight of his career, legendary Chicago architect Louis Sullivan--called the "Father of Modernism" --constructed the 8 banks that are showcased in this unique documentary. Collectively referred to as Sullivan's Jewel Boxes, these banks are located in ordinary small towns across America's heartland. All appear solid, like cathedrals of capitalism, yet they are also discreetly ornate, which makes them stand out among their flat, Midwestern surroundings. Directed by Heinz Emigholz, this quirky documentary subtly conveys the power of Sullivan's style, which inspired Frank Lloyd Wright and the architects of the Prairie School.

Architect Louis Sullivan's greatest work may also be his most inauspicious: a group of banks dotting small-town America. Each of these unique structures, scattered across the Midwest, are spellbinding both in their opulence and as juxtapositions with the landscapes they occupy. Heinz Emigholz directs this sumptuous documentary about one of America's greatest artists and his crowning achievement.

Język: niemiecki Wydawnictwo: GALERIA FILM 451 Rok wydania: 2007
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