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New decor design explores the most contemporary proposals inresidential design and architecture. With the aim of providing a wideperspective of each home's interior, the book shows different examples oflofts, apartements, houses and renovated spaces, which guarantee a globalperception of each place. Lighting and color selections are the maindeterminants of the overall feel of an interior space, while furnishingsreinforce the layout and even create secondary circulation paths. Thedesign of the modern home is distinguished by its flexibility andindividuality, but not that it necessarily follows any stylistic trends.Experimenting with form and material, contemporary design is concernedwith creating well thought-through, commodious living spaces. The projectspresented, works from internationally renowned architects, are testimony tothe ability, over the last half-century, to generate a new interiorarchitecture.

Język: angielski, niemiecki, francuski, włoski, hiszpańki Wydawnictwo: Daab ISBN: 978-3-937718-73-6 Liczba stron: 190 Wymiary: 18,5x16,5cm
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