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WINDOW DESIGN praca zbiorowa

Windows serve as the direct interface between the interior of a building and its public enviroment. Visual relationships through a window offer the opportunity to establish contact with the outside world and experience the widest variety of impressions. In recent architectural history, windows emphasizing seeing and being seen have melted the border between interior and exterior and led to a new interpretation of the concept of a room. This book presents a series of remarkable solutions for this issue. It focuses on a number of selected examples from various areas that document a wide spectrum, record current trends and offer inspiration. An index with the contact dates of the designers is enclosed

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Dostępność:na zamowienie

Architecture needs mechanisms that allow it to become connected to culture. It achieves this by continually capturing the forces that shape society. This book is a graphic guide to ornaments in the twentieth century. It unveils the function of ornament as the agent for specific affects, dismantling the idea that ornament is applied to buildings as a discrete or non-essential entity. Each case exploits specific synergies between the exterior and the interior, constructing an internal order between ornament and material. These internal orders produce expressions that are contemporary, yet whose affects are resilient in time.
Initiated as a seminar at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Farshid Moussavi is a partner in leading London-based firm Foreign Office Architects.

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Decoration and Design Classics of the 1920s and 1930s

By the time of the great Paris Exhibition of 1925, the idea that an interior and its furnishing should form a complete design - a 'total look' - dominated the thinking of both designers and their sophisticated clients. In the later 1920s and 1930s, whole studios were established, notably in France and the United States, to serve the needs of a design- and style-conscious middle class intent on showing off its newly refined taste for things modern and exotic: the richly lacquered screen, the tubular steel chair, the vivid geometric carpet.

Art Deco Interiors documents this flourishing of design ingenuity through contemporary photographs and illustrations of selected interiors juxtaposed with modern photographs of individual pieces. It traces the stylistic evolution and dominant motifs of 'Deco'; the triumph of the 1925 exhibition and the pure,'high style' of the leading Paris ensembliers; the tremendous growth of jazzy, Streamline Moderne offshoots in the United States; the international revival of Deco as a decorative style for a new generation of post-modern designers; and the restoration of many Art Deco interiors to their original glory.

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ART DECO. Przewodnik dla kolekcjonerów
ART DECO. Przewodnik dla kolekcjonerów Hübner-Wojciechowska Joanna

Nowe zmienione wydanie poradnika przeznaczonego dla kolekcjonerów, antykwariuszy, dekoratorów wnętrz, stylistów i wszystkich miłośników art déco. Prezentuje meble, tkaniny i inne przedmioty art déco dostępne w Polsce w sprzedaży antykwarycznej. Czytelnik znajdzie tu informacje o cenach, porady, gdzie i jak kupować, o czym pamiętać, czego się wystrzegać. Autorka jest historykiem sztuki i właścicielką galerii specjalizującej się w meblach art déco.

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89,00 zł

BIEDERMEIER. Przewodnik dla kolekcjonerów
BIEDERMEIER. Przewodnik dla kolekcjonerów Woch Joanna

Książka, nie tylko dla kolekcjonerów, przedstawia biedermeierowskie meble, malarstwo, grafikę, rzemiosło artystyczne, pochodzące głównie z okresu 1815-1848. "Odkryte" jako obiekty kolekcjonerskie w latach 70. XX wieku, wciąż są modne i poszukiwane na polskim rynku antykwarycznym ze względu na swoją urodę i walory użytkowe. Poradnik zawiera praktyczne informacje o galeriach i pchlich targach, a także o tym, na co należy zwracać uwagę przy zakupie antyków. Autorka jest historykiem sztuki i właścicielem galerii dzieł sztuki.

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NEW DECOR DESIGN praca zbiorowa

New decor design explores the most contemporary proposals inresidential design and architecture. With the aim of providing a wideperspective of each home's interior, the book shows different examples oflofts, apartements, houses and renovated spaces, which guarantee a globalperception of each place. Lighting and color selections are the maindeterminants of the overall feel of an interior space, while furnishingsreinforce the layout and even create secondary circulation paths. Thedesign of the modern home is distinguished by its flexibility andindividuality, but not that it necessarily follows any stylistic trends.Experimenting with form and material, contemporary design is concernedwith creating well thought-through, commodious living spaces. The projectspresented, works from internationally renowned architects, are testimony tothe ability, over the last half-century, to generate a new interiorarchitecture.

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TIKI MODERN praca zbiorowa

Książka wydawnictwa TASCHEN o niezwykłym, współczesnym odrodzeniu ponowanie docenionego stylu Tiki. Fenomenowi temu przygląda się największy jego znawca, Sven A. Kirsten. Jak pokazuje on w swej barwnej, wnikliwej, z temperamentem napisanej publikacji, styl Tiki, niemal całkowicie wyparty ze świadomości Amerykanów, jako unikalne zjawisko na mapie kultury masowej zaistniał dopiero w ostatnich latach. Książka ta okazała się nie tylko inspiracją dla założycieli wielu barów Tiki z Nowego Jorku, Londynu, Berlina, Pragi oraz Waikiki, ale również dla rzemieślników. To dzięki niej odważyli się oni wziąć do ręki dłuto i odnowić dawną tradycję. W swej publikacji Sven A. Kirsten zestawił obok siebie dwa trendy retro: modernizm z połowy wieku oraz styl Tiki. Łącząc w niej radosną pasję z rzeczowością i obiektywizmemu badawczą udowadnia, iż w latach 50. i 60. prymitywizm oraz modernizm były w gruncie "dwiema stronami tej samej monety". Wśród pokazanych przykładów wyrobów wzornictwa w stylu Tiki - brutalistyczne meble z domu wyposażonego przez firmę Witco, która urządziła też "Jungle Room" Elvisa Presleya oraz basen Hugh Hefnera z chicagowskiego "Playboya".

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Art deco. Style w sztuce świata
Art deco. Style w sztuce świata Camilla de la Bedoyere

Książka wprowadza czytelnika w świat szalonych lat dwudziestych i trzydziestych. Ostatnim krzykiem mody był wtedy ART DECO. Autorka śledzi rozwój stylu od jego początków, gdy powstawały dzieła luksusowe, po okres schyłkowy, w którym dominowała produkcja masowa. Znajdziemy tu prace znanych i mniej znanych projektantów oraz twórców w dziedzinie architektury, złotnictwa, tkaniny, malarstwa i meblarstwa.

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Pleasure Palaces. The Art & Homes of Hunt Slonem
Pleasure Palaces. The Art & Homes of Hunt Slonem Vincent Katz

Dostępność: na zamówienie

"Pleasure Palaces. The Art & Homes" of Hunt Slonem is a survey of Hunt Slonem’s artwork in diverse media over the past 30 years. A prolific painter, Slonem also works in sculpture and prints. In addition to a critical analysis of Slonem’s work, poet and critic Vincent Katz will introduce the reader to the fantastic homes and spiritual life that inform Slonem’s work. Slonem owns two lofts in New York City, a Victorian mansion in Hudson, New York, and two plantation homes in Louisiana. In New York, his environments are enlivened not only by his collections of neogothic furniture, Blenko glass, and period frames, but also by his astonishing collection of tropical birds. He pays the same careful attention to these elements of his life as to his painting, and this book will examine them all, including Slonem’s interests in saints, Hinduism, and channeling such figures as Rudolph Valentino. Vincent Katz has written on Slonem several times, and has previously contributed poetry to Slonem’s publications.

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205,00 zł

Residential Style
Residential Style BOEKEL ANDREA

Dostępność; na zamówienie

This publication brings together the most talented architects and designers worldwide to showcase inspirational and contemporary trends in residential interiors. Covering living, leisure, dining, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and outdoor spaces, this full-colour book also features details that will excite architects, designers and all those who admire outstanding design. The mere mention of the word 'home' evokes feelings of warmth and belonging, suggesting places of refuge, retreat and personal space that are as much a personal statement of the resident's enjoyment of life, as testament to the skill of the designer. Residential Style is a sourcebook of inspired kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, living areas, office and studio spaces, and even meditative areas, that can be adapted to suit the reader's own environment.
The lavish array of fashionable interiors featured in this book, in styles that range from formal to casual, are accompanied by comprehensive captions that make this book useful to professional designers and the interested home designer. Interiors, from eclectic and eccentric to classic and elegant, are all included. Space planning, flooring features, lighting, furniture, window treatments and other areas of design, are vividly captured, making this an invaluable sourcebook on how to incorporate every element of décor to the best advantage.

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Sit Down Design Now!
Sit Down Design Now! praca zbiorowa

Dostępność: na zamówienie

Książka poświęcona meblom do siedzenia: stołkom, krzesłom, fotelom i sofom. W historii designu ich szalenie zróżnicowane formy zmieniały się bardzo często. Jednak prawdziwą rewolucję przyniosło dopiero wynalezienie plastików oraz innych tworzyw sztucznych, a także zmechanizowanie procesu wytwórczego. Autorzy niniejszego opracowania zastanawiają się, jakie cechy najsławniejszych na świecie, ponadczasowych mebli - "ikon" sprawiają, iż idealnie one zaspokajają potrzebę wygody ich użytkowników.

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Walda Pairon: Interiors with a Soul
Walda Pairon: Interiors with a Soul Pairon Walda

Dostępność: na zamówienie

Walda Pairon is one of the most influential classical designers of her generation. She draws up her unique and warm interiors from a strong interest in colours, fabrics and fashion, and combines old and characterful objet d'art with more recent objects into an inspirational living space. Ivo Pauwels, a renowned garden and lifestyle writer, perfectly captures the atmosphere of Pairon's interiors. Cees Roelofs is one of the foremost lifestyle photographers in the Low Countries.

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1000 Chairs
1000 Chairs Charlotte and Peter Fiell

Chairs displayed on their own as pure form
An overview of the 20th century
More than any other piece of furniture, the chair has been subjected to the wildest dreams of the designers. The particular curve of a backrest, or the twist of a leg, the angle of a seat or the color of the entire artifact all reflect the stylistic consciousness of each era.

From Gerrit Rietveld and Alvar Aalto to Verner Panton to Eva Zeisel, from Art Nouveau to International Style, from Pop Art to Postmodernism, the phenomenon of the chair is so complex that it requires a reference work as comprehensive as this to do it full justice. They are all here: Thonet’s bentwood chairs and Hoffmann’s sitting-machines, Marcel Breuer’s Wassily chair and Ron Arad’s avant-garde armchairs.

The book devotes one page to each chair, displayed on its own as pure form, with biographical and historical information about the chairs and their designers. A special treat for anyone who loves design and a must for collectors!

The editor:
Charlotte & Peter Fiell have written numerous TASCHEN books, including 1000 Chairs, Design of the 20th Century, Industrial Design A–Z, Scandinavian Design, Designing the 21st Century, Graphic Design for the 21st Century, 1000 Lights and Contemporary Graphic Design. They also edited TASCHEN’s Decorative Art series and the 12-volume domus 1928–1999.

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Sticker Stack
Sticker Stack Maia Francisco

Dostępność: na zamówienie

In recent years, a new wave of graffiti has brought about new ways of laying a message to walls. Aside from more commonplace stencils, stickers have started popping up all over urban areas, surprising us in many unusual places. Sticker Stack is a collection of stickers that have somehow caught our attention, be it for their design, their illustration or their message. It also comes with real stickers from some of the most interesting projects, all packed in a convenient plastic case.

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Moorisch architecture
Moorisch architecture Marianne Barrucand

Dostępność: na zamówienie

Spain owes its special historical position in Europe very largely to his intensive encounter with the Orient. In the summer of 710, a small force under the command of a Berber named Tarîf ibn Mâlik landed to the west of Gibraltar. The Islamic armies that followed in its wake succeeded in conquering large areas of Spain within a short span of years. The conquerors gave the country the name of "al-andalus." Thus began a period of cultural permeation that was to last for almost 800 years. In spite of intolerance and animosity, there developed between Muslims, Christians, and Jews a shared cultural environment that proved the basis for great achievements.

Moorish-Andalusian art and architecture combine elements of various traditions into a new, autonomous style. Among the outstanding architectural witnesses to this achievement are the Great Mosque in Cordova and the Alhambra in Granada, recognized and admired as part of the world's heitage right up to the present day. They are described in detail in this book. The main centres of Hispano-Islamic art and architecture, the cities of Cordova, Seville and Granada, are discussed within the chronological framework of developments, both political and cultural, from 710 to 1492.

The author traces the changes in architectural forms over the centuries, and concludes with an attempt to identify those enduring characteristics which run like a thread through Hispano-Islamic architecture, for all the different influences to which it was subject. Alongside mosques, castle ruins, and splendid palaces, the reader will find detailed photographs of Moorish decorative art in all its thousand and one variations.

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