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Our first monograph on the work of Todd Hido, House Hunting, was published in to huge acclaim, and was named as Best First Monograph by Photo-Eye. With his fifth monograph selling out within weeks of publication, the time feels right to bring back into print this very special book. It is classic Hido; large color photographs of suburban homes at night, radiating contrasts of warmth and cold, loneliness and comfort, dark and light. Six years on, this outstanding collection of photographs is still something to get excited about. Hido’s work is held in a large number of collections, both public and private, including The Art Institute of Chicago, The Guggenheim Museum and the Whitney Museum of American Art. A faithful reprint of the first edition, the book opens as before with a short text by A.M. Homes.

Język: Angielski Wydawnictwo: Nazraeli Press Oprawa: twarda Liczba stron: 56 Wymiary: 14x17cm
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