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Architects face some of their most difficult tasks designing for extreme environments. Extreme Architecture showcases 45 recent buildings designed for challenging environments, giving valuable insights into the extremes of architectural thinking. Futhermore, in an increasingly unstable world, some of the lessons they teach about self-sufficiency may yet become more generally applicable.
Projects range from a desert refuge in southern Arizona to a floating marine research centre, an underground seed vault in northern Norway and a research station at the South Pole.
Each case study begins with a clearly presented table listing the altitude, annual rainfall and average temperatures of the site. Photographs show the project in its environment, as well as drawings, site plans and computer renderings where appropriate. Following a brief introduction, the book is divided into five chapters: Hot, Cold, High, Wet and Space.

Ruth Slavid is an architectural writer and editor. She worked for 'The Architects’ Journal' for 15 years, in roles including deputy editor and online editor. She is the author of 'Wood Architecture' (2005), 'Wood Houses' (2006) and 'Micro: Very Small Buildings' (2007), all published by Laurence King.

Język: Angielski Wydawnictwo: LAURENCE KING ISBN: 9781856696098
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