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CONTEMPORARY URBAN DESIGN features over 40 contemporary urban design projects. This international selection reflects modern-day trends and presents conceptual designs, some of which have been built and some which are still in planning. Urban development is an extensive term in architecture and encompasses not just the reconstruction and the redesigning of public spaces, the conceptualization of parks, squares, traffic junctions, bridges and city districts, but also includes the very creation of new living spaces. Especially this last issue presents a particular challenge, since it is intricately involved with different social, economical and political factors. The urban planner finds himself in a direct dialogue with politicians, financial experts and sociologists and must fulfill the difficult task to meet different and at time contrary needs. Often, the initiators of large urbanistic projects approach German architecture offices, known for accurate planning and reliable implementation. Contemporary Urban Design presents completed projects such as the impressing transformation of the “Hafencity” in Hamburg by ASTOC Architects & Planners and KCAP Architects & Planners, or the „Business Commercial Complex Jaroslavska“ in Moscow by the Slovenian architecture firm Ofis Arhitekti. Small glimpses of the future are disclosed by the plans for the reconstruction of the main train station in Stuttgart by Ingenhoven Architects, a project still in its developing phase or the futuristic designs for a further manmade island in the architectural playground Dubai („Waterfront City Dubai“ Oma – Office for Metropolitan Architecture). Each project is presented with countless photos, plans or renderings and a short accompanying text.

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