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The exciting diversity of culture, climate and economics across the vast continent of Asia is matched only by the fascinating architectural diversity showcased in this volume. Influenced both by global architectural trends and dynamic developments within the region and the different countries, Asian design has experienced an explosion of creativity. From environmentally sensitive structures that draw on traditional images to high rises ascending from crowded urban areas, the inspiring architecture of Asia is a product of people, place and tradition.

Ancient ritual and images merge seamlessly with cutting edge technology in apartment blocks, offices, ceremony halls and airports. This generously illustrated volume provides an overview of the transformation of Asian architecture as cultures move towards a synthesis of ideas and styles reconciling tradition and modernity. Top new contemporary projects also by architects from other countries were selected to show the extent of Asian influences on other cultures.

Język: angielski Wydawnictwo: Braun Oprawa: twarda Liczba stron: 512 Wymiary: 25 x 29 cm
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