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Cape Town is the third most populous city in South Africa and it is receiving the largest number of tourists of any South African city. It is a vivid aspiring town with a lot of new Hotels and Restaurants. Cape Town's architecture is a fascinating mosaic of Asian, European and African traditions mixed with more and more modern elements. The city's image remains uniquely defined by the majesty of Table Mountain and the surrounding two oceans. Foreign investors, attracted by the temperate climate and spectacular views, have commissioned magnificient homes on the Atlantic seaboard. This book provides an insight to modern architectural projects in Cape Town from the last four years. Not only public and cultural buildings, such as Restaurants and Hotels but also private houses are shown in chapters. As far as available floor plans give additional insights.

Język: Angielski, Niemiecki, Francuski, Hiszpański, Włoski Wydawnictwo: Daab Rok wydania: 2008 Oprawa: twarda ISBN: 978-3-86654-030-9 Liczba stron: 233 Wymiary: 25x32cm
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